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While serving the needs of our clients, we have built many long standing relationships and made a lot of friends. The Chattanooga Software Center is now serving clients across the United States, Canada and beyond. We are elated to promote a few of our clients and their forward thinking use of technology. For more information please give us a call.

1-423-821-3463, to reach Alan or Susan.


Citi Commerce Solutions - August 2005

Dear Alan, ...Further, I wanted to acknowledge the level of cooperation and assistance that we received from SurfN [the Chattanooga Software Center] during our transition with Elite Your personal involvement is much appreciated. Warm Regards, Dan Deitemeyer Vice President

Dan Deitemeyer, Vice President



Coldwell Banker - June 2003

Coldwell Banker Buckhead Brokers, Atlanta, Georgia, is Atlanta's largest realtor operating twenty offices in the North Atlanta area for more than 30 years with over 1,500 agents serving home buyers and sellers. We are past our first year anniversary of working with SurfN Development Corporation [the Chattanooga Software Center] and can confidently state, based on our history with them, that they have provided good advice, good service, and have delivered information and guidance in a plain English manner which allowed us to better understand and take advantage of possiblities with this new technology. SurfN [the Chattanooga Software Center] is our recommendation for someone who desires to use the best technology tools available to gain or maintain leadership in their market.

Brenda Anderson, Marketing Manager



Express Shuttle/Groom Transportation -  2002

Express Shuttle is a growing business serving travelers between Chattanooga, Atlanta and Nashville as well as providing the chartered buses for special occasions and VIP Charter services. With a large staff and fleet of shuttles operating daily, a comprehensive software package is essential. After using available softare, we needed more advanced software that would better fill our needs and allow us to continue to grow. We chose to work with SurfN [the Chattanooga Software Center] for this project because of their professional expertise. Working with SurfN [the Chattanooga Software Center], we developed software that has increased productivity and greatly reduced errors.

Jon Woodword, President

The combined company, Coldwell Banker Buckhead Brokers, is the largest residential real estate firm in the Metro Atlanta area, according to their press release, with 27 offices in north Atlanta and an annual gross transaction volume topping $3 billion. The 27 branch offices are in Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb and Gwinnett counties.



Ledco, Inc. - Chattanooga, TN

At the genesis of our corporate research on whether to employ a 'canned' estimating/accounting or custom design program, we elected to interview SurfN Development [the Chattanooga Software Center]. After reviewing our alternatives, we selected SurfN [the Chattanooga Software Center] on the basis of perceived technical competence, reasonable development fee, security and backup capabilities and closeness of your facility to our office. Now that the programming has been completed and our systems are fully integrated, we are able to enjoy the benefits of our custom program. We have appreciated the staff's responsiveness to our calls for technical help... We look forward to continued courteous support.

James F. Eldridge, President



Reliable Heating & Air - client since 2001

In 2001 we got off the patchwork software with upgrades and data duplications and moved into the SurfN System [Pineapple Code] so we can keep focusing on what we do best, HVAC Sales and Service

David Cornell, Vice President



Scenic City Heating & Air - client since 2003

SurfN [the Chattanooga Software Center] responds very quickly and very well, and the system is great.

David Lynn, President Hosiery

"We started with Chattanooga Software Center back in 2001. We were using excel spreadsheets and Quickbooks. It was beginning to be very cumbersom because of the expansion of the company, we could not keep track of our inventories, payroll and production. Chattanooga Software Center made a software for us that helped us control our inventories, manage our styles and the usage of our yarns. They are so easy to work with. If you can figure it or do it on an excel spreadsheet or even come close to it, they can make you a peice of software that will work and help you control the ins and outs of your business."

Jeff Hixon, President


sextion-construction.gifSexton Construction - client since 2003

SurfN  [the Chattanooga Software Center] integrated parts of our previous accounting software into the SurfN System [Pineapple Code], which is a better solution for us. Working with another Chattanooga company instead of a long distance tech support operator has also been beneficial.

Brendan Bastable, Vice President


the-hayter-group.gifThe Hayter Group - client since 2014

The Hayter Group has provided home and business owners in Southwestern Ontario with high quality Plumbing, Heating, Water Treatment, Air Conditioning and Solar Systems for over 30 years. In 2014 we started working with the Chattanooga Software Center to improve our efficiency and streamline our operation. The team at the Chattanooga Software Center have been personally involved every step of the way and continue to provide good software service, support as well as advice and guidance. We have been able to equip our team with the best tools available, furthering our goal of providing excellence in workmanship and customer service. The Chattanooga Software Center is our recommendation for someone who wants to equip their operation with the best technology tools available.

Chad Hayter, Owner


ts-raulston.gifT. S. Raulston Inc. - client since 2007

We combined all our billing and bookkeeping needs with SurfN [Pineapple Code] in 2008. Having everything secured and accessible off-site is a great advantage and piece of mind. We have worked together making any changes necessary to streamline things specific to our business needs. It has been a pleasure working with such a professional team.

Tommy Sisk, Vice President Samaritan Center

"The Samaritan Center has been using this software for over 15 years. Initially we started with multiple softwares. We were running into issues with merging everything together. We were looking for a solution where everything could be intigrated into one. What Chattanooga Software Center did was develop a customized software that is sutable for our organization. From that we were able to recruit volunters, also were able to use it in our communications department, in our social services department which is our main operation here. We are able to do our payroll, our banking. Everything is done through this software. It brings everything together. The Chattanooga Software Center is a great company to work with. I have been fortunate to work with them for 5 years and during those 5 years we have not experienced any downtime where we needed to call for technical support. Our main need that we have is when we need to implement changes or add new functionality to the software I can always just send an email and then I might get on the phone with them and have discussions about how to implement what we need. Its always been a pleasure and an ease working with them."

Lyndon Blackman, Network Administrator


Professional Heating & Air - client since 2014

We've gotten proposals from other software companies through the years, but Chattanooga Software is a comprehensive software that does our dispatching, accounting, payroll and pretty much everything else we need, and I don't know of any other software that can do all that. When we have found other needs, they have always been able to customize something for us.

James Barras, President Group Inc.

“Susan, Sarah and the entire staff that has helped us with their fantastic Pineapple code CRM platform is the best! With super quick turn around time for any issues to an amazing smorgasbord of items that we can continually add to accommodate our needs as our business grows at a super affordable rate! Integration with many items is seamless and easy. We recommend the Chattanooga Software Center to all of our peers in our HVAC and construction community! Call Susan and she can show you how your businesss ROI will benefit today.”

Scott Berlemont, Operations Manager