Data Migration Is Our Specialty

Data migration is the process of transferring data from one storage system or computing environment to another. When you sign up with Pineapple Code one of our top priorities is to ensure your company history, your data, is carried forward into your new business system. This ensures operational continuity, helping your staff absorb the new software and adopt the new processes. Everything they need is already in one place.

We have over 20 years of experience migrating information from all kinds of systems into Pineapple Code - Better Business Software. The customer service and support you receive from our hands-on setup will ease the pain of change and help your staff move into today's technology. Just call us today for your free Needs Analysis Survey or Schedule a Demo. You will receive a clear written project description with our recommendations. We will recommend what is right for your company at this time, because we believe:

“Business is Built on Relationships, Better Business is Built on Long Term Relationships”

Alan Field

The Data Migration Process We Follow

Interview your team 

Speaking with your team we seek to learn of all the different places your data is stored.

Data located in:
  • Software you currently use.
  • Files, documents and photos on individual computers.
  • Spreadsheets for things you did not have software for
  • Old software you kept around just for the data
  • Old paper documents in file cabinets

Our team will review each of your data sources. Confirming accessibility, integrity and usability. Then coordinate with you to decide what data should be brought into the new software. 

Initial Data Import

After setting up your new complete business management software, we will begin writing routines to import a snapshot of your data. We will use this data to further configure your system.

Client Orientation

Now that a snapshot of your data is in your new system, we will introduce your team to the software. Everything will be imported fresh for the final import later so you are free to play around, mess records, try to break something. We will complete training with your staff and help you firm up any new processes. During this training your team and our team can review and see how the data imported, make sure all is well. We will make tweaks as needed to the import routines during this time to ensure the final import is top-notch.

Final Import...   Go live!

We work with your team to schedule a conversion date that works best for everyone. Considering busy seasons, vacations, year end, etc. The evening before conversion day we will capture a fresh copy of all your data. Run all that data through the refined import programs and voilà the next morning your team will be live on the new system will your entire company history present and ready to roll. 

Followup and ongoing support

Now that your team is live on the new system. Even with thorough trainings before hand, you just can't expect to know how to use software until you are using it for real. Our team is available to your team by phone and email 24/7 to ensure they get the support they need.