Who We Are

The early development of Pineapple Code began in 1996. We started with the vision of a complete business management system delivered over the internet. 

It was the early days of the internet. Only 100K websites were on the web compared to well over a billion today. iPhones were not yet invented. Social media did not exist. Most Big IT names you know were still an idea.  Alan Field recognized the potential of the internet and how it could be used to solve real world business needs. He started an IT company and began developing tools for business. In short order Alan decided the software development world needed a comprehensive approach. Most software took a front of the house or back of the house approach with the goal to fill an isolated need. With years of business experience in sales and consulting, Alan knew business operations really needed a seamless and complete business management system if they were to realize the full potential of what information technology could do for them. One comprehensive system to cover all your financial, communication and fulfillment needs.

Alan Field, the man with the vision

In 2000 we launched our first complete business management system for Ledco, Inc. an unlimited license General Contractor. Quickly moving into other industries such as Residential HVAC and Hosiery Mill Manufacturing. 2000 was the height of the Dot-Com bubble. Pineapple Code though had staying power. We weathered the crash, continuing to pick up new clients all over the south east in over ten industries.

Alan's daughters, following in his footsteps.
Mary Field, Susan Steffey and Sarah Weatherly

While the world dove into the Great Recession of 2008, our solid client base enabled us to dive deep into developing a new wave of high tech business tools. The iPhone had just been released, making the internet more mobile than ever. We released the Tech Service System that year. Developed an open thread Scheduling Grid and in short order integrated GPS Mapping and Phone systems. 

Today we serve clients in the United States and Canada in over 25 industries. The rate of development has yet to let up with new time saving, efficiency driving features being added to our code library every year. 

Pineapple Code headquarters

“Business is built on relationships, Better business is built on long term relationships...”

Alan Field