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Pineapple Code Events Calendar Manager

This module permits users to easily maintain a calendar of events or activities.

The resulting search system is very user-friendly and will display for public, private, or secure internet access to the database.

The 'display results' manages data for easy reading by completing such tasks such as; formatting, sorting, removing outdated and limiting future entries for quick page loads and may even include a filter by type function.

The output may be in 'list form' or 'calendar grid form' determined by Client at the time of development.

The multiple user interface allows individual users to each maintain their own group of events while protecting 'user' data from 'other user' updates.

It allows multiple points of entry through Secure Internet Interfaces.

When this system is utilized as a manifold product the results may be magnified by broadcasting events data to other web sites which results in increased web presence and additional links returning to the source domain.


Pineapple Code Facility Events Manager

This state-of-the-art system allows our Client to delegate simple procedures and scheduling with the protections built in for managing Outdoor Areas, Rooms, and Resources.

High quality conflict protection is built in throughout the system with automated reminders and daily duty checklists both on screen and as printable forms.

This UNIX based software delivers global access via an AT&T Private Network which will allow the most advanced communications, reporting and Customer Service features.

Redundancy and Security insure records from being lost such as in a local area network situation.

Facility requests may be received by internet, phone, fax or letter, and written into the incoming request database for future coordinating and placement.

Built in calculated reports help result in scheduling solutions for difficult situations.

Once events are scheduled they may be defined as public or private and may be categorized for future analysis.

For public events the administrator may enable automatic internet promotion with broadcast emails, web page events calendar posting, and fax covers or letters for news media and corporate notifications.

Private events may be coordinated with companies, organizations, or churches to provide a chargeable service of delivering notices, reminders or checklists to their user group.

If permitted, corporate schedulers and church groups may check on availability and make requests via the internet.

Facility promotional newsletters may be net based when email addresses are available saving on printing and postage as well as provide web based content for ongoing reference and responses to surveys or questionnaires.

When teamed up with Contact Management System and Accounting, volunteers, staff or managers may utilize quick lookups when calls come to view a full communication, accounting and services history.

Specific items may be ordered for facility users from vendors and costs attached at time of order.

Follow-up will be easier with; template letters, label makers, faxes, memo's and email communications all of which automatically writh to the contact history and may be viewed in a variety of simple reports.

Pineapple Code Membership Dining, POS

This system facilitates and streamlines communications between your serving staff and kitchen, bar, entertainment or other areas by the simple inclusion of a monitor display or printer.

Touch screens or mouse driven inputs feed directly to the centralized database.

Front-of-house service may bring forward customer information or product availability and provide order or other dining room related information to back-of-house production and office with an error reducing order entry screen.

The menu as well as preparation choices may be pre-loaded and defined in as many way as you choose.

With intuitive interaction and simple screens, training time and expense is kept low and may even be implemented in stages.

With the Pineapple Code accounting systems available, a real-time feed to and from your accounting information will allow management oversight and real-time reporting.

This POS system utilizes mainstream computers, monitors and printers as well as other common devices so there is no need to buy or lease expensive proprieterized equipment which may soon become obsolete.

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