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Pineapple Code Business Email Management System

This is an Internet based, database driven email management system.

It provides a high-security way of managing email communication without the risk of viruses.

This system puts the management team in authority over email activities related to company operations.

If an employee leaves your company, the email communications directed to them can be automatically redirected to another employee by management.

Addresses may be added or removed on-the-fly by our Client.

Messages are accounted for and each viewing is recorded.

Attachments identified that could contain a virus are 'download forbidden', protecting the LAN from viruses.

This 'prevention' approach is superior to the 'repair' approach which attempts to fix or isolate viruses which have already been received.

Based on system usage history, over 99% of all email attachments are delivered unobstructed to your staff.

In the event of a 'suspicious' attachment the system is designed to err on the side of caution, not permitting download.

In this case the sender may be contacted to reformat the attachment or send in a non-threatening configuration.

Pineapple Code System Service staff is available to provide assistance in these situations.

Messages sent to or received from a client can be archived in that client's file or attached to their contact record, when the Pineapple Code Contact Manager is being utilized, for historic information.

A simple address book is provided for ease of use and staff convenience.

Access to the email database as well as activity is available from any net capable computer which can achieve an appropriate secure connection.

The messages are stored in the Pineapple Code Server Equipment instead of downloading to risky PC or laptop drives.


Online Shopping System

This is a system designed for convenient display and sale of products through a website.

Designed to be user-friendly for both the purchaser and the seller, this tool streamlines the process of selling your products.

Built with the highest security protocols, the integrity of your operation will be well protected from data theft, data loss and vandalism.

Your customers' personal, financial information is protected.

Also, your product information is protected.

This system integrates with Contact Management, Inventory Management, Account Systems and other tools to make up a seamless system for your business.

Pineapple Code Customer Call Center

This is a customer request management system which provides a database of all active customers and allows quick, easy entry of new customer information.

These devices are designed specifically for service representative situations where receiving and making calls and scheduling responses must be quick and sure.

From this device center you can quickly see customer history, create new orders, equipment contracts, service agreements, preventive maintenance agreements and review financial information.

This system is especially useful for service operations because all information is keyed to addresses and locations of customers, equipment etc.

Multiple locations with individual history will provide the details necessary to provide the best response and customer service.


Pineapple Code Website Content Manager

Once discussions are underway, information and graphic image material is acquired from our Client.

Pineapple Code then produces a 'Platform' for establishing the general direction for the 'look & feel' of the public side of the new internet system.

Once the 'Platform' is populated with header and footer information, Pineapple Code further programs the system to manage the data provided by our Client.

From this initial beginning, the system provides user tools for updating content anytime by even the Client's mid-level staff member with basic computer skills.

Using Authenticated Security, these devices will permit different members of our Client's staff to manage different areas of content, or when contracted separately, Pineapple Code may provide an experienced content manager to get the system up and running.

The Pineapple Code Client Services staff will introduce and train on these easy to use devices.

The system manages content input by Client so that established protocols are met to insure a quick, clean and consistent display of information.

The web site itself will begin to take shape and become more attractive as more content is loaded and polishing tweaks continue.

Written content for information pages must originate from our Client and conform to generally accepted categories like 'About Us' and 'Our Location' or 'Our Expertise', etc.

Graphic images which are provided for the web site will be adapted to insure faster loading web pages and compatible colors.

We will provide training so that our Client will have sufficient knowledge to upload and manage photos, logos and other graphic images using the simple web based content management tools.

The ongoing system service will provide the upgrades and training necessary to keep insuring new standards are met.

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