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Pineapple Code Advanced Database Search

This system enables the user to search and generate reports from the largest databases in many different ways.

By using clever 'range' selects with multiple 'filters' the resulting summary or detail information from an extensive database can be quickly pinpointed.

Hundreds of fields with information like; price, location, size, costs, description, features, zoning, categories, types, and so on, may be included.

Since this pure programming code meets American university protocols and operates within real UNIX systems such as our Sun Microsystems Solaris, the complex calculations necessary may be performed and produce results within a few hundredths of a second.

The database searched may be imported from almost any source and migrated or compared with other data for cleaner results.

This system has two distinct sides - one for the Public, and one for the Client.

The Public search is limited to the information deemed appropriate for the Public.

The Client-side search is secure and may permit the searching of additional data and may provide details in results which are not available to Public access.

Pineapple Code Chunk Data Manager

This system provides a management and storage device for chunk data files.

It allows for secure, browser based upload of chunk files which would be on a PC.

The organized storage protocol allows the upload user to determine which other authenticated access user may download the uploaded file.

When used in conjunction with the properly enabled Contact Manager, files can be associated with the appropriate contact and stored as a part of the permanent contact history.

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