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Field Service Management

Pineapple Code Payroll Time Clock

This system provides a simple screen interface which an employee may use to clock in and out.

Any of the enabled screens will permit the procedure, or only certain screens may permit 'clocking in' as predetermined by management.

The system may also deliver a memo as posted on the electronic bulletin board for all employees to view at the time they clock in or out.

The resulting time recorder feeds directly into the Pineapple Code Payroll system when included and provides an accurate measure of time spent

Other Pineapple Code systems which may be a part of the employees job activities may become a seamless part of this Pineapple Code Payroll Time Clock providing detailed reports of activity and non-activity.

The real time logs allow reports of which employees are 'on' and 'off' the clock at any time, as well as recent history.

This system provides a good basis for additional Pineapple Code Systems such as employee communication and training programs which may be added.

Pineapple Code Flat Rate Pricing

This system will provide a way of estimating and tracking the costs associated with specific customer requests.

The associated Inventory Management database may include parts & equipment with vendor costs and customer pricing information.

These tools may be used to generate reports associating costs, estimated and realized, by customer, job, date range and other ways.

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