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Pineapple Code Dispatch

Dispatch is used for prioritizing and scheduling installation, maintenance, and repair services as well as part and product delivery or other customer requests.

This will provide tracking and seamless integration with Accounts Receivable and other accounting systems.

The real time nature of this system allows operators to manage communications very well and allows management to have instant supervision of activity from within the facility or at their secure connection.

Lookups are quick and clear and customer orders may be printed directly from this system in batch.


Pineapple Code Order Management System

This system delivers the information used to manage and keep track of customer orders, generate reports and print forms such as packing slips and receipts.

When teamed up with the Contact Manager the user specific reports will permit management and oversight of sales activity while providing summary reports for forecasting and strategy decisions.

This system can also generate automatically within the accounting system and accept payments as well as real-time checking of product/service availability.

Flags may be used to alert to Customers/Clients which are at marginal profitability or should receive favorable treatment.

Pineapple Code Scheduling

This scheduling calendar is net based for 'anywhere access', and allows delegated entries as well as multiple participant selection which automatically writes to the history of contacts within the contact management database.

The Show schedule selection will also include information such as Left-for-return calls and previous business which is incomplete.

Schedule items such as; Deliver a letter, To Do a task, Meetings, Fax something, etc.

When the management filter is permitted, it allows a team to view each others scheduled items to check on available times and coordinate activities.

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