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Communications & CRM

Pineapple Code Contact Manager

This is a management system for contact information and correspondence specifically relating to the needs of providing efficient and effective customer service, and management of prospect-to-customer development.

It stores the information you enter and organizes it for easy access and maintains a communication history.

You can group contacts and filter users to access only certain groups such as; Prospects, Customers/Clients, Vendors, Employees, etc...

You can further categorize by Location, Type, or many other ways.

Communication history as well as merchandise/services ordered or delivered may be tracked and attached from Vendor right-through-to Customers/Clients and revenue may be reverse tracked right-back-to the Vendor.

Communications tools include: Fax, Letter, Memo, Templates, Contracts, Agreements, Sales Quotes, Applications, Email and other 'pipes' which are maintained under management layers and automatically write to history for contact specific communications trail.

It integrates with many other systems to provide a seamless transition of information and allows you to review all order, revenue and communication history easily listed below the contact record with detail popups.

Templates and automatic fax covers permit administration controlled formatting for all written documents.

Full revenue and accounting tracking will require the appropriate Accounting & Inventory systems.


Pineapple Code Email Broadcast Manager

The primary use of this tool is to send a message, question or survey to a group of recipients defined by an existing Contact database.

The system will seek email addresses from an existing net based contact database and create a 'group' from the search and rule set results.

From there the message, question or survey is delivered to each and every recipient by bouncing off the list of address.

This allows the administrator to maintain the privacy of the participants in the loop.

A separate 'exclude me' list is maintained so those who opt out may be removed and kept out of future additions to the list.

Mailings are identified and maintained providing a clear history of communications for future reference and management.

The privacy of the participants is key and allows high ranking individuals to participate without the consequence of revealing their private email addresses as CC and BCC methods do.

Also the built in management tools permit a list manager to prevent accidental inclusions and provide an audit trail of communication activity.

Pineapple Code Scheduling

This scheduling calendar is net based for 'anywhere access', and allows delegated entries as well as multiple participant selection which automatically writes to the history of contacts within the contact management database.

The Show schedule selection will also include information such as Left-for-return calls and previous business which is incomplete.

Schedule items such as; Deliver a letter, To Do a task, Meetings, Fax something, etc.

When the management filter is permitted, it allows a team to view each others scheduled items to check on available times and coordinate activities.


Pineapple Code Business Email Management System

This is an Internet based, database driven email management system.

It provides a high-security way of managing email communication without the risk of viruses.

This system puts the management team in authority over email activities related to company operations.

If an employee leaves your company, the email communications directed to them can be automatically redirected to another employee by management.

Addresses may be added or removed on-the-fly by our Client.

Messages are accounted for and each viewing is recorded.

Attachments identified that could contain a virus are 'download forbidden', protecting the LAN from viruses.

This 'prevention' approach is superior to the 'repair' approach which attempts to fix or isolate viruses which have already been received.

Based on system usage history, over 99% of all email attachments are delivered unobstructed to your staff.

In the event of a 'suspicious' attachment the system is designed to err on the side of caution, not permitting download.

In this case the sender may be contacted to reformat the attachment or send in a non-threatening configuration.

Pineapple Code System Service staff is available to provide assistance in these situations.

Messages sent to or received from a client can be archived in that client's file or attached to their contact record, when the Pineapple Code Contact Manager is being utilized, for historic information.

A simple address book is provided for ease of use and staff convenience.

Access to the email database as well as activity is available from any net capable computer which can achieve an appropriate secure connection.

The messages are stored in the Pineapple Code Server Equipment instead of downloading to risky PC or laptop drives.

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