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Accounting & Payroll
Pineapple Code Accounts Payable

This system will allow creation of purchase orders or entry of vendor quotes followed by vendor bills.

It will maintain the complete audit trail with history attached to your vendor database and follow through with the ability to batch print checks automatically using recent model ink-jet or laser printers.

You may generate checks and reports based on accounts payable and/or posted manual checks directly against the appropriate vendor bill.

Reports will include various summaries and accounts payable forecasting.


Pineapple Code Accounts Receivable

This system allows the creation of sales quotes followed up by customer orders, followed by invoices and attaches appropriate history to your customer database.

Income may be posted as deposits directly against invoices or other income.

Reports will include aging receivables as well as custom creation of reminder systems and account status summaries.


Pineapple Code Financial Summary & Detail Reports

Financial reports include; trial balance sheet, profit and loss statements, balance sheet, and other specific reports which may be generated for specific history.

These are created to specifically address the needs of our Client.

The flexibility of this software designed client-specific, ensures intuitive design, ease of use and custom reporting.

Formatting and layout modifications may also be included to produce a general display or printed look and feel.


Pineapple Code General Ledger

This system allows for debit and credit adjustments and to make accounting adjustments or corrections to your ledger account balances.

Typically it is used regularly at first, until the bank reconciliation and other tools are used to properly post transactions.

The computer accumulates debits and credits in real-time, minimizing the need for manual adjustments.


Pineapple Code Job Costing Manager

Track job or project costs with this module.

Each line item may be drawn from Vendor Bills, Payroll, or entered as an adjustment at any time.

The line item GL accounts and description tags allow easy input.

Once the information has been posted the user may generate real-time reports and analysis of progress to assure a profitable outcome.

Modifications may be made at any time with proper authority and a history is written to the customer record for easy reference.

Prices of materials and labor may be drawn from the customer record, the purchasing record, or both to assure up-to-the-minute accuracy.

View job cost in summary and detail before, during, and after the job with a simple mouse click.


Pineapple Code Payroll

This system provides an employee database with related payroll and communication information.

It allows for posting payroll checks and transactions along with their associated tax filing and management reports.


Pineapple Code Payroll Time Clock

This system provides a simple screen interface which an employee may use to clock in and out.

Any of the enabled screens will permit the procedure, or only certain screens may permit 'clocking in' as predetermined by management.

The system may also deliver a memo as posted on the electronic bulletin board for all employees to view at the time they clock in or out.

The resulting time recorder feeds directly into the Pineapple Code Payroll system when included and provides an accurate measure of time spent

Other Pineapple Code systems which may be a part of the employees job activities may become a seamless part of this Pineapple Code Payroll Time Clock providing detailed reports of activity and non-activity.

The real time logs allow reports of which employees are 'on' and 'off' the clock at any time, as well as recent history.

This system provides a good basis for additional Pineapple Code Systems such as employee communication and training programs which may be added.


Pineapple Code Authenticated Security Access

This will provide the control devices allowing your system to be operated within a secure environment.

This module provides a high level of protection from unauthorized attempts to access your system.

Our Client permits authorized access to areas within well defined barriers.

Security protocols established with AT&T, Cisco, Sun Microsystems and Pineapple Code provide individual control within specific areas.

Client specific barriers may be added for the highest security.

Using Secure Server Technology and Authenticated Identification, this software monitors access attempts
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