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Complete Systems
With Pineapple Code software you get an experienced team of professionals who have provided thousands of systems to hundreds of industries since 1996.

We have experience determining better ways to get your job done with better software.
We can ease the orientation and training for each of your employees
Many of our clients are second or third generation business owners. They know what they want to do in business, and use Pineapple Code - Better Business Software, to get it done.
Our experience includes large national names like; CITI Commerce Solutions, First USA Bank, Coldwell Banker, and more.

Start with the best!
Ask about our small business starting package.

Your Organization Will Work Better
When your Software Works for You
Pineapple Code, Better Business Software available
for your business, non-profit or association today.
Full Forensic Accounting
Hundreds of complete systems available today.
We have one ready for you.
Call 423-821-3463.
Whether you're migrating into the system all at once or some now and some later, we will help you do it right.

Boxed software products require the use of outside email systems, separate bar code software, credit card processing or other systems

Pineapple Code is Seamless
When you use Pineapple Code Better Business Software:

Your email communications will be filed and attached to the appropriate vendor, staff or customer record.
Your single point of entry will save time and improve accuracy or your organization's records.
Your Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables will be continually reconciled with your goods and services rendered.
You get customized reporting which eliminates time and errors of 'spreadsheet reporting'.
You can connect multiple locations, home offices and personal portable devices with the highest security (same as online banking).
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