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Becoming a Client
1. Meeting of the Minds
We start by meeting with you to discuss your overall use of computer technology. We explore how your organization has used computer technology as well as what you are currently using it for. We also discuss where you see computer technology working for you in the future, and how your organization intends to grow and apply these sciences for your competitive efforts. In this meeting we also introduce you to SurfN Development Corporation and the relevant Pineapple Code software service systems.

We may also bring good ideas to the table, and explain how we see these computer technologies working for you. We can explain our perspective in regards to the three generations of computer science, and where we believe the new technology is going to take us. You will come away from this meeting with a good understanding of how you can benefit from computer technology developments and how your organization will be affected in the years to come. We have a great deal of experience to share with prospective clients and those that participate in these meetings come away, satisfied that it was time well spent.
Pineapple Software

We can come to your location and discuss how Pineapple Code can help your business. If you agree and would like to know more we will return with a written project description for your consideration.
2. Put it on Paper, Make it Plain
With our library of 600 elements to choose from, we can usually assemble twelve to eighteen software elements to create a completely seamless system that will work for your organization. We will present you with a clear and concise project description containing the Pineapple Code, Better Business Software System elements recommended for your organization. This presentation will provide a foundation for us to help you take your staff through these software changes when you decide to proceed. This presentation will provide you with a list of your organization/company's new benefits from using computer technology. We are very strong in perceiving and reflecting back to you, how computer technology is utilized within your business. Two or three meetings usually provide us with sufficient understanding for smaller and mid-size businesses.
Pineapple Software

When we return with the written project description we can go over the screenshots and paragraphs with you to explain what we are proposing for your business.
You can decide now or later to
get started.
3. Conversion & Customization
We're very experienced in migrating information from older and even newer systems into Pineapple Code's better business software. The on site setup and professional support you receive from our team will give you the opportunity to improve data structures and procedures at the time of conversion. We often import data from multiple boxed products into this seamless system, eliminating duplicate data entries. We will also be providing good advice and guidance based on our years of experience serving small and mid size businesses with high quality software service.
Pineapple Software

To get started we will use our experience and expertise to help your conversion go smoothly. We will follow up for years and years with tweaks and changes to keep your software doing just what you want it to do.

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