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Introducing Pineapple Code by SurfN!
High Quality Software Service

Better business software, just the way you want it.

- True custom reporting
- Seamlessly handle email, accounting
contact management and much more
- Software as a service, better than a box

You deserve the best for your business, and it's affordable

Software Service That Fits You

Replace gaps and hazards of patchwork software with a complete, high quality system

We begin every new client relationshp with a meeting in which we'll be asking:

- About the software you are currently using

- What you like and don't like about it

- Features you would like to have

- And to generally explore what we can do to make your new software service work for you.

We will also be providing good advice and guidance based on our years of experience serving small and mid size businesses with high quality software service.

A Complete System Is Better

Pineapple Code software is truly a complete system; one piece of software, seamless, and designed with that thought in mind.

Some other software requires the use of other products, add-on modules and updates. Pineapple Code software includes all the features and functions you want, nicely fitting together into a single software system.

People Make The Difference

With Pineapple Code software you are hiring a team of professionals to provide high quality software service for your operation. This is better than software-in-a-box because:

You get to use the best technology.

You get compatibility with your choices today and tomorrow.

Compatible with Windows and Others Compatible with Solaris and Others Compatible with Macintosh and Others Compatible with Linux and Others

Your software is assembled from an established library of high quality code which was produced for demanding customers, including:

- Citi Commerce Solutions
- Coldwell Banker
- First USA Bank
- Pittsburg Paints PPG
- etc.

You can talk directly with developers to get exactly what you want.

You get seamless upgrades, no more 'versions' to deal with and


Data Migration

Data Migration Is Our Specialty

We're very experienced in migrating information from older and even newer systems into Pineapple Code's better business software. The on site setup and professional support you receive from our team will give you the opportunity to improve data structures and procedures at the time of migration.

We often import data from multiple boxed products into this seamless system, eliminating duplicate data entries.

Chattanooga Software Center
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3821 Saint Elmo Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37409 • 423-821-3463
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